About us

We are not the biggest or the most known ESCAPE ROOM company in the world, but we are doing it with passion. We have been addicted to this amazing activity since we played our first Escape Room in the summer of 2015 (to be honest that was one of the worst Escape Rooms we ever played 😉), however since then, we have made it a point to play Escape Rooms wherever we go, and we still do, trust us. Our list of escape rooms played is pretty long 😉

Inspired by our love for Escape Rooms, we decided to create our own in 2016, giving birth to Just Escape Austria. But our assion didn’t stop there. In 2019, while exploring Georgia, we wanted to enjoy the city at our own pace and beat the heat. Thus, the idea of combining sightseeing with Escape Rooms led us to create our first City Quest. This led to the birth of Just Escape Your City, a platform where now ANYONE can create and upload their own City Quest in any destination.We build Escape Rooms for Just Escape Austria, we build Escape Rooms for private companies, we organize Scavenger hunt events, we provide you with entertainment self- guided tours/ outdoor escape rooms in more than 15 (and many more are coming soon) countries around Europe.

Everything with passion and love. We hope to delight more people for this unique and unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to making you fall in love with the world of ESCAPE ROOMS, CITY QUESTS & SCAVENGER HUNTS!

We know how to entertain YOU!